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  • .NET Fundamentals Q & A series 74th video named -
    "Explain C# Attributes ?"

  • Learn MVC 5 in 2 days 20th video named -
    "Lab 20 :- How to improve Reusability using Angular ? (20 Minutes) ?"

  • SSIS, SSRS & SSAS Q & A 22nd video named -
    "SSRS Lecture 3 - Sun 31 Aug 2014"

  • Training Download section 12th video named -
    "WCF Training Part 4 Rec. dated 01st Nov. 2014"

  • VSTS Testing Q & A (Unit, Load, Automated) section 22nd video named -
    "Explain CodeLens ?"

  • Jquery,Json and Javascript frameworks Q and A series 13th video named -
    "Lab 13: - How to implement AJAX using JSON and jQuery using MVC?(60 minutes)"

  • Visual Studio Tips & Tricks series 24th video named -
    "Visual studio and .NET Tips and Tricks No - 24 (Autos Window)"

  • Under LINQ & Entity Framework Q/A Training section recording named
    "Recording - LINQ & Entity Framework - Training 2"

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  • ApacheCXF Q & A Series 9th video named -
    "What are Provider and Dispatch Service in Apache CXF?"