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  • Angular Interview Q & A 1st video named -
    "25 basics interview Q & A on Angular - Part 1"

  • Learn Power BI Step by Step 6th video named -
    "Lab 6 - DAX(Data Analysis Expression) in Power BI - Part 2."

  • Learn Azure Step by Step 13th video named -
    "Lab 13 - Microservices using Docker and Azure."

  • Learn Python Step by Step section 5th video named -
    "Lab 5:- Importance of TF-IDF."

  • Learn Maths for Data science section 5th video named -
    "Lab 5 - Explain Binomial Distribution."

  • SQL Server Step by Step section 06th video named -
    "Lab 6 : - Transactions, Locks and Isolation level in SQL Server.

  • Design Pattern video series 13th video named -
    "Factory and Abstract Factory Pattern."

  • Machine Learning with C#(ML.NET) 1st video named -
    "Understand Machine Learning(ML.NET) using C# Step by Step"

  • Learn JavaScript step by step 9th video named -
    "WebPack in 50 Minutes."

  • Learn MSBI in 4 days with Project 43rd video named -
    "Lab 43 :- Tabular Training - Part 1."

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  • ApacheCXF Q & A Series 9th video named -
    "What are Provider and Dispatch Service in Apache CXF?"